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All gas appliances in your property need to be safety checked by a Gas Safe registered engineer annually and serviced according to manufacturer’s instructions. Any appliance left unchecked could leave you at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. It’s an extremely good idea to have your gas pipework inspected at the same time as having a gas safety check.

It is also important to have your new gas appliances serviced every year in order for the manufacturers warranty to be valid.

If you notice any of the following warning signs, you’ll want to get your boiler serviced right away:

  • The boiler is not working properly
  • The boiler is burning with a lazy yellow flame rather than a crisp blue one
  • Black marks/stains are evident around the boiler
  • The pilot light keeps going out
  • There is increased condensation in the room

A boiler service will include inspection and/or cleaning of the appliance as specified and detailed in the manufacturer’s instructions. This may include:

  • It is correctly set and adjusted to ensure the gas is burning correctly
  • It is of a type suitable for the room in which it is located
  • It is physically stable, securely fitted and properly connected to the gas pipework
  • There is an adequate and permanent air supply suitable for the boiler type installed
  • Any flues or chimneys are operating correctly
  • All safety devices function correctly
  • If appropriate, an analysis of the combustion exhaust gases to ensure the boiler is burning the gas safely
  • A check of the condition of the boiler including (but not limited to): the effectiveness of any seals, gaskets, the cleanliness of heat exchangers etc. and checking for any signs of heat or other distress

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Below is a list of some of the basic checks that your engineer should be carrying out. This varies between different boiler makes and models, and the time scale between these checks vary also. In this instance we are going to be talking about a typical modern condensing combi boiler.

Gas Tightness Test

We know that we will be disturbing some gas connections so we always check to make sure you have no gas leaks before we start.

Visual Inspection of the Installation

As soon as we arrive we subconsciously assess the installation. Is the flue ok and in a suitable location? Is there sufficient ventilation? Where is the gas meter? Is there signs of any water leaks?

Cleaning Magnetic Filters

Modern boilers in particular are extremely prone to clogging up, due to dirt and debris within the heating system. Magnetic filters are usually installed on the central heating return pipework, and act as a line of defence to prevent the boiler being contaminated by debris. We can clean these filters out on a boiler service to ensure your boiler has maximum protection.

Check the Gas Pressure

It is important to ensure that the boiler is consuming the correct amount of gas at the right pressure. If the correct amount of gas is not available to the boiler, then your boiler could be producing a dangerous mixture of gas and air, which could lead to your boiler producing a dangerous level of carbon monoxide.

Checking and Adjusting the Gas and Air Mixture

A flue gas analysis will be carried out to ensure the boiler is burning the gas correctly, and not producing high levels of carbon monoxide. Gas valve adjustment may be required if the analyser readings do not meet the manufacturers requirements.

Measure the Amount of Gas the Boiler is Burning

The boiler is designed to burn a specific amount of gas, we will measure how much gas is being burned to ensure your boiler is running efficiently.

Clean the Heat Exchanger

On older boilers the heat exchanger will require cleaning every year. On modern boilers this isn’t required as often. If your heat exchanger does need to be cleaned, it may also be necessary to change the combustion chamber seal depending on the manufacturer, so expect a slight increase on the boiler service cost if this is the case.

Clean and Adjust the Spark and Flame Sensing Probes

The probes are put under a lot of stress, combustion deposits can create a layer over the probes which will prevent the probe from creating a spark or from sensing the flame. They can also warp out of shape which will lead to failed ignition. We can clean the probes and make any necessary adjustments.

Cleaning of the Condensate Trap

A condensing boiler extracts additional heat from the waste gases by condensing this water vapour to liquid water. This runs through the heat exchanger and into the condensate trap. Some debris from the heat exchanger can be deposited in the trap so it is important to clean the trap during the service.

Final Checks

Upon completion of the boiler service we will carry out one last visual inspection. We will check everything has been replaced correctly and the boiler is operating as it should be.

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